a Call From  Washington  DC  

​Last week  I saw an article  on my AARP page about  submitting  your  personal  story  if you  were  a  caregiver .  I  decided  to  submit  my story  about  my father  and brother  and the  work I have been involved  with  a connection  between  environmental  and some terminal  illnesses .  I  received  a phone  call  from  Washington  DC  today from an employee ,  stating their company  had read and found my story  interesting .  After speaking  to each other per phone  conversation ,  I  was asked  if I  would  consider  being an advocate  for  making it feasible  and easily  ready  for   caregivers  and  family  members   to have classes offered  on how  to  properly  use devices, that would  help patients in their  homes. These classes  would  be  performed  before  being dismissed  from a hospital  or nursing  home situation .  Of course  I stated  yes because  I  am  all about  helping  patients  and finding  cures. So, I  don’t  know  what  will, or if anything  from this will occur ,  but I  was very  honored  to  be called  and to be considered .

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