My Reflection  

​I  walked  in the bathroom  

I saw me in the  mirror  

The tears; they started falling  

My soul, it spewed  and smeared.
All my life I gathered

Criticism  and negative  words

My spirit  was over runneth  

With crumbling, bitter  curds.
Then a hand reached  out and touched  me

My tears were wiped  a way

God placed his  arms  around  me  

And he began  to  pray.
I wanted  a special  person  

To shine her light for me

I planted  this gift within  you

I made you  much like me.
I  pray for  you  my child

You see you’ve  been fooled by doubt

Please stand, disrobe, your  shadow  

Let  your  spirit  out.
The hand, the voice, it faded

I turned and stared at me

I saw this softness glowing

His beauty, his love , I  now see.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd