The Child in Us

I was watching a commercial or some show today. Obviously, it didn’t mean much to me; but I did catch the words, bring the child out in you.

I thought about it for a while and went back in time, remembering what made me happy as a child. It actually was a little difficult. Some things came easy. Other things, I am still thinking about; because surely there was more than what I thought of right a way.

I remember playing with my dolls outside under the big oak tree. I would lay a blanket on the grass. Smooth out all the wrinkles. Carry out my home-made doll bed, which was filled with baby dolls and all the equipment I would need, and I played all afternoon.

oak tree

I remember I loved to read, which is now something I can’t do; because I can’t concentrate any longer. I loved Nancy Drew books. I would climb on my bed after supper and TV time was over and read until mom said, “lights out Terry”.nancy drew

I remember I loved to ride my bike. A brand new birthday bike from my parents with clothes line clips holding cards from a deck of cards, a special horn on the front handle bars. and of course, it was a pretty pink for girls. I rode it every chance I got, and I also remember, i got into more trouble in those days, because I would ride to far or stay out too long.


I remember getting to stay up on Friday nights. I remember going to the ice-cream stand on hot, summer, Saturday evenings. I remember laying in my grandparents glider swing with a soft pillow and rocking myself until I fell asleep with the cool, covered porch breezes.



Being a kid for me was fun. I was lucky. I wasn’t involved with grown-up decisions or watch any drama between my parents. I remember my favorite foods were potato salad and warm cherry pie with ice-cream on top.


It feels good to go back in to those innocent good days. Being a kid wasn’t so bad after all.

Do any of you care to share some of your kid memories with me? I would love to read your comments.

5 thoughts on “The Child in Us

  1. I had a lovely childhood too, and remember wonderful holidays with my parents. We were always allowed to try out things like Ice skating, playing tennis, Water skiing and I remember it so well as it was all fun. My parents gave us children wonderful memories. Sometimes it is great to delve in and think of old times.

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  2. so many…but, here’s a few…Butter Brickle ice cream on Friday nights…staying outside …even after dark…playing in the creek behind our house…catching tadpoles…watching favorite tv shows(black/white) with Mom and Dad…coloring in my coloring books…my favorite!…

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