August  2016

I have been trying  very  hard to force smiles, be positive  and  yet, stay calm. This month hasn’t  been  the  best. Actually ,  the past six  months  could  have  been  better .  Stomach  problems , many doctor  visits .  Trips to  the  hospital .  Tremors, balance  problems  and now my latest  path is Potassium . 

My body has held potassium  for almost  a  year .  It is  being  monitored  close. My doctor  decided  it was getting  too high. He chose  to  change  my blood  pressure  medication  thinking  it may be retaining  extra  Potassium . My white cell count  is always  elevated  with no reasons.

I  had a reaction  and after two more  visits to  the  hospital   I was told  to go off the new medication  and  go back to  my  original  one .  This change  caused my Potassium  to reach  a dangerous  level, the quick  change  from new to old . 

Once the  level  is too high, the heart goes into electrical  shock and death follows. Now I  am  on a new blood  pressure  medication  that takes a couple  of  weeks  to work full force.

I  have  to  monitor  my blood  pressure  each day and after only four  days  my pressure  is slowly  rising and headaches  and panic  attacks  have returned . 

I  am  asking  for  prayers. I  just  want  to  have to deal  with  my Parkinson ,  not this and the concern of  no longer  breathing . 

12 thoughts on “August  2016

  1. Lord, we bow to Your plan in every way. You have taught us to always ask for whatever we need, and so we are here asking for your mercy and grace to provide encouragement for Terry. It’s been a long battle, and she’s gotten worn from enduring it. Bless her with some quiet rest, and real empowerment as she endures this new medicine adjustment I pray. Give her doctors astute discernment in her treatment, and bless them, too. Amen

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