A child  once asked  why.

“Why, mommy why

Does  Daddy make you cry”?
The  mother  cradled her baby girl

She hugged and squeezed  her tight  

The two cried together . 
The little  one gently  

Wiped her mama’s  eyes  

The mommy smiled.
“I didn’t  have a choice

There is no way out”.

The child jumped down from her lap.
Taking her mama’s  hand

She guided both into her room

She said;”Kneel mommy”.
She placed her hand in hers  

She followed  with  closed  eyes  

“Jesus  can help you, just ask”.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd


Humidity  and heat today  

Knowing  colors are on the  way  
Thinking  swimsuits in the trunk

Finding  winter clothes that shrunk
Digging  for orange  pumpkin lights

That will light your  drive way nights
Shopping  stores with lay – aways  

For that special  Christmas  Day
All the while  I’m  thinking  when

I  can find the pool  and swim.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd


Have you ever went to a mall

And instead  of  shopping  

You sat, you gazed?

At people, all

Types of  people  

Walking  by.

Some are on their  phones , 

Others chatting  to 

Friends or family.

Children laughing  

Some are crying

Others, sleeping .

You  notice  all

Shapes of life,

Thin, heavy,

Tall and  short.

You  take a 

Look at yourself  

And smile-

As you realize  

There’s  nothing  

Wrong  with  you.

You fit in,

You’re  just unique.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd