Just  Wondering  

I  have heard that illness comes from Satan .  I  have  heard illness is genetic  or environmental . I , in my small  mind, believe  we all will be  removed  from  this  earth by God in some way . Is sickness  one way God calls  us home?
Is this  why sometimes  we pray with so much persistent  and yet a loved one dies anyways ?  

I  see so much death through  MSA . Scientists  work  diligently  for a cure. We know  God is a miracle  worker, power  to perform  any task; so why aren’t  some of  the  prayers answered.
What is  the  answer  to  my question ?  Illness from Satan  or God’s  way of taking  us  home?

Please  give me your  thoughts. I  don’t  think I  am  dying today. This  is  just  something  I  have pondered  on as I sit by helpless, watching  friends  lose loved ones.