Just  Wondering  

I  have heard that illness comes from Satan .  I  have  heard illness is genetic  or environmental . I , in my small  mind, believe  we all will be  removed  from  this  earth by God in some way . Is sickness  one way God calls  us home?
Is this  why sometimes  we pray with so much persistent  and yet a loved one dies anyways ?  

I  see so much death through  MSA . Scientists  work  diligently  for a cure. We know  God is a miracle  worker, power  to perform  any task; so why aren’t  some of  the  prayers answered.
What is  the  answer  to  my question ?  Illness from Satan  or God’s  way of taking  us  home?

Please  give me your  thoughts. I  don’t  think I  am  dying today. This  is  just  something  I  have pondered  on as I sit by helpless, watching  friends  lose loved ones.

9 thoughts on “Just  Wondering  

  1. Sickness comes from living in a falling world. When Adam and Eve walked the earth, they walked daily in God’s presence….they were perfect. Then they sinned by eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Sinned entered the earth. With that so did decay and death. But God found a way to bring us back to Him, through His Son Jesus. One day we will once again live with God the way Adam and Eve did but until then we must accept death as a part of His plan just like our resurrection to eternal life with Him. Death comes in all forms – illness, accidents and old age. God doesn’t desire for us to suffer. Satan doesn’t make us ill. Its the reality of living in a falling and dying world. My mother had heart disease, my father died suddenly, I, myself am a breast cancer survivor, diabetic and now other lung health issues (never smoked) and as you know my husband died suddenly without any warning and after getting a good bill of health. The important thing I focus on is not the “why’s” but in knowing as I walk through this I am not alone. God has promised us to be with us, carry us through, deepen our faith walk with Him and His promise of eternal life. My prayers are with you as you go through this – to feel God’s presence all around you and to experience the power of His Holy Spirit in your daily struggles.


  2. I know that everyone’s journey with God has to be deeply personal. He wants to talk to the individual, not simply the collection of beloveds. There are things He reveals to us that are just too complex for us to explain to others. They miss the significance that might give us goosebumps. Sometimes, He will use a trial to remind us that He’s the Answer that we need to listen for, because we get too self-reliant, and take credit for what God has done ahead of us. We will even shame and blame others for not being as stable or successful by following the same formula. God breaks out of every formula, and chuckles at our tantrums when He won’t conform. He reminds us that he is Creator, and all else is just Created. NO one and nothing is equal to him, not even the enemy. That’s something we should keep remembering as a comfort. We cannot be overcome by anything other than God’s plan. Sometimes, it will include pain or other hard roads out of life. He asks us not for understanding, but faith in his Goodness. Since He’s provided for our eternal best, i think I can allocate some faith, once I stop to consider all that God is and has done. It’s easy to get distracted from who God is, by what we want to fix; but Jesus told us that the work before us is to comfort the dying, visit those in prison and help the poor. There will always be these folks and sometimes WE will be these folks. We gotta trust that God is still in control as we ride it out for ourselves or with others.


    • I was just listening to Joyce Meyer . She was saying something I have thought many times. She said if we pray for peace, storms will hit etc. I believe in God and I know we are not to understand many things until we meet him, but I am always full of the how’s and whys. Thank-you for sharing your thoughts with me


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