She had been ill

For so very long.

Display of giving up 

Written all over face.

A shred of hope

Still remaining with her

She said her nightly prayers.

“Please dear Father,

So many are

Suffering in this world. 

Won’t you heal them?

I realize you wish

To take me home,

As I get no better”.

Suddenly a bright

Light entered her room.

Two hands took

Hers in his.

“I have waited 

So long for you

To recognize 

There are others

Worse off than you”.

The strong and

Warm hands

Rest gently 

Over heart.

The room

Became quiet.

Peace was

As thick fog.

Her breathing 

Was mellow.

She stood up

And walked.
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd 
Thank-you for reading my poem


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