Tattered  Friendships  

​Tattered Friendships
You  know  what  you  do

When you  ignore  my being

We’ve  talked  about  it  so many times

Yet no text, no chat, no ring.
You  know you  crush  me

Yet it never improves

I often  wonder  

What the  hell  did  I do.
Each day is passing  

Our lives moving  on

But remember  my friend  

One day  I’ll  be  gone.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd

4 thoughts on “Tattered  Friendships  

  1. People change and move on. You have done nothing wrong. There are people I know who used to be really good friends that I haven’t spoken to in nearly ten years. It is something that is out of our control unfortunately.

    Just be you and you will have your friends that will never leave you.


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