I  Was Never  Told  

​I was innocent, a dreamer

Grandma’s  words were  never  said  

That one day life would  change  

I wouldn’t  want to climb out of  bed.
Laughter  and giggles filled my head

Wrapping  paper coloured  the  floor

New memories  I was  building  

Stocking shelves for even more.
I  would  watch my mother’s  face

When I  was just a kid

Never knew she was storing photos  

Tucking tight with  a  snap-on lid.
Mother never told  me

That the  day  would  slowly  come

When Christmas  would  change  forever  

When it may not  be so fun.
Now I  am  the grandma  

The kids are with their  own

The house  reeks  of silence

As I give the dog his Christmas  bone.
It’s  now time to dust the shelves

Set up the movie  screen

Take  off the snapped  on lid

And relive my family’s  scenes.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd