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We Just Have to Seek It

I wrote a post a day or two ago about how life changes, people change. We drift into relationships and out.  I was just telling a friend that I wish I could hold time in a bottle until I was ready to move forward, and then pop the lid off the top.

I never dreamed I would be in the place I am at this point of my life. I didn’t think I would need help with someone watching over me. I assumed me and family would remain close forever. I never thought about losing family to death before it actually began to happen.

I thought friends would be around until death separated us. This does not happen, and like Al Forbes said, it is not always something I have done wrong. Life just changes. Interests open new doors, children grow and move on with their lives. Grandchildren sometimes live near and far.

I certainly have changed. I didn’t mean too but I know that losing Al and my parents had a negative effect on me. There is always good though; we just have to seek it. Now that I am no longer working taking care of other people, I can concentrate on watching my grandchildren grow.

I have been able to get closer to at least one of my children. In fact, I surprised myself at how easily I confided in my son, and he understood and offered his advice. It was awesome to have that time with him and I hope for more.

I have the ability to chat and message or call my other son. He is a great man, with beautiful kids. He has a heart of gold. He seems to always hear my words. He doesn’t criticize me or offer support unless asked. He just loves me, nothing expected in return.

I have a daughter who I am proud of as far as her work career goes. She is pretty, smart, and aggressive in her stride to make her place in employment better. I am sure she will succeed in many more areas even after I am gone.

Of course I will always wish for things to be even better in life; but who doesn’t? We just have to accept what is today, realize that negativity is going to happen and remember to seek the good in every situation.





So Jealous 

​So Jealous 
I remember when I was your main squeeze 

When you went out of the way to satisfy and please.
I loved your hands caressing my face

In our private moments and special place. 
The way you looked into my eyes

The way you held me when I cried. 
Bubble baths and chilled wine 

Made shivers run down my spine.
But, since you made contact with her case

You’re slowly put me into space.
That darn new toy; your new  cell phone 

Has definitely made me me feel alone.
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd