We Just Have to Seek It

I wrote a post a day or two ago about how life changes, people change. We drift into relationships and out.  I was just telling a friend that I wish I could hold time in a bottle until I was ready to move forward, and then pop the lid off the top.

I never dreamed I would be in the place I am at this point of my life. I didn’t think I would need help with someone watching over me. I assumed me and family would remain close forever. I never thought about losing family to death before it actually began to happen.

I thought friends would be around until death separated us. This does not happen, and like Al Forbes said, it is not always something I have done wrong. Life just changes. Interests open new doors, children grow and move on with their lives. Grandchildren sometimes live near and far.

I certainly have changed. I didn’t mean too but I know that losing Al and my parents had a negative effect on me. There is always good though; we just have to seek it. Now that I am no longer working taking care of other people, I can concentrate on watching my grandchildren grow.

I have been able to get closer to at least one of my children. In fact, I surprised myself at how easily I confided in my son, and he understood and offered his advice. It was awesome to have that time with him and I hope for more.

I have the ability to chat and message or call my other son. He is a great man, with beautiful kids. He has a heart of gold. He seems to always hear my words. He doesn’t criticize me or offer support unless asked. He just loves me, nothing expected in return.

I have a daughter who I am proud of as far as her work career goes. She is pretty, smart, and aggressive in her stride to make her place in employment better. I am sure she will succeed in many more areas even after I am gone.

Of course I will always wish for things to be even better in life; but who doesn’t? We just have to accept what is today, realize that negativity is going to happen and remember to seek the good in every situation.





5 thoughts on “We Just Have to Seek It

  1. You know Terry , you can never predict the future and the best thing is not to expect anything. Just live and accept what is. We all have our ideas and dreams and it is us who have to make them happen. I don’t know what my future will be like, but I am working on it that it will be a happy one.

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  2. There are three types of friends who come into your life.

    Day friends, year friends, lifetime friends.

    They don’t necessarily stay for that amount of time.

    A day friend is someone who comes into your life because they have something to teach you in the here and now, or you have something to teach them. Or maybe they come into your life to introduce you to someone else. A lifetime friend, or a year friend. Then the friendship peters off. These friends are usually around for a few weeks or months.

    Year friends have something more to teach you, or for you to teach them. These friends become special in a way that day friends can’t. There is more trust, more of yourself goes into them, you hide less from them. Sometimes a husband / wife / lover can fall into this category. Then something happens, maybe it is something that is said, maybe it is something that just happens, or maybe it is nothing, but they go off on their own.

    Then you have the lifetime friends. These people don’t come into your life necessarily to teach you anything, but more because you NEED them, or they need you. After the need has gone, these people stay. They don’t always contact everyday, but they are there. They will always be there, just watching or saying something occasionally. These friends are the special kind.

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