It’s  Our Daily Lives

I  love to laugh  in the  mornings  more than  any  other  time  of day. I  believe  it has  something  to  do  with  the  fact  I feel  the  best, first part of  the  day. My roommate  works  evenings ,  so therefore  my mornings  are my thoughts  alone. What  a  wonderful  combination ,  a cup of  coffee  and  peace . 

I  watch  the Steve  Harvey  show  quite  a  bit  and today  is  no different. He has interesting  guests. He speaks  of  his faith  quite  often .  I  find  him to be a regular  guy, who has humor.

Today, he had his tribute  to  the most  memorable  memories  of  Family  Feud  for  his  topic . I  ended up  laughing  so much ,  I was wiping  away  tears. This  has  definitely  started  my day off well and am hoping  for  this  mood  to carry me throughout  my day.

Which part  of  the  day do you  enjoy  the  most  and why?

Wish on Reflections  

​Wish on Reflections  
As the breeze fingers my hair

And water licks at my feet

I can’t  help but remember  

That one day we did meet.
Like the sun warms my cheeks

Your touch warmed my heart  

We fell madly  in love

Swore never to part.
Sitting here on our pier

Looking  at reflections so clear

You’re  now resting in heaven

But I  wish  you  were here.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd