Standing  on  tip toes

Stretching  out  arms

Her mouth opens wide

Sounding  out  with  alarm.
Tears running  down face

Hair tassels and wild

Body shaking, so crazy

Non willing  like a child.
“Can anyone  hear me

Can anyone  help

I can’t  go much  further  

Please hear of my tale.
I’ve  fought this with vigor  

This me, who I am

I don’t  like my reflection  

I am ugly  and  dim.
God  why did you  want me?

I  have nothing  to  give

I try but can’t  change  me  

Please don’t  let  me live”.
A voice from above

Softly  spoke  in her ear

“I don’t  make mistakes  

You  have nothing  to  fear.
I  gave you  your  heart

Without  bragging rights  

I gave you  your eyes

For  clarity  in sight.
I  gave you  a passion  

For others who pain

So you  can reach out

And help others  gain.
Now dry up those tears

And be on your  way

Show kindness  and  love

For today  is  your  day.
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd

Tinkering With Family 

I have been tinkering and reading a little bit of history about my family. 

I have discovered a few things thus far. 

My latest is a relative from back in 1864. Better yet, the first words written in verse. A poet! Now, I can see where I developed my passion for poetry. 
Through  research, I  discovered  a journal  written  by  William Dragoo .  He was from  Auburn ,  IN .  The amazing  thing besides  reading  the journal    was the first few lines HE WAS A POET .  Here I enjoy  writing  poetry and so did a family  member  in 1864. The poem is with  no title .  It reads;

Remember  me when this you see

Though absent  from  your  sight

And I  will  do the  same  by you

With pleasure  and  delight
Exciting to read this poem and  journal