Tinkering With Family 

I have been tinkering and reading a little bit of history about my family. 

I have discovered a few things thus far. 

My latest is a relative from back in 1864. Better yet, the first words written in verse. A poet! Now, I can see where I developed my passion for poetry. 
Through  research, I  discovered  a journal  written  by  William Dragoo .  He was from  Auburn ,  IN .  The amazing  thing besides  reading  the journal    was the first few lines HE WAS A POET .  Here I enjoy  writing  poetry and so did a family  member  in 1864. The poem is with  no title .  It reads;

Remember  me when this you see

Though absent  from  your  sight

And I  will  do the  same  by you

With pleasure  and  delight
Exciting to read this poem and  journal


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