Honeymoon Nightmare

Honeymoon Nightmare
I didn’t want to listen
I knew that I was right
You started it; you know
A newlywed’s first fight.
I saw the tears you shed
It tore my heart apart
I had to speak my feelings
But they weren’t really from the heart.
You grabbed your bag and left
I had the last word; you heard
You didn’t turn around and beg me
You never spoke a word.
I heard the sirens screaming
Sounded like they were very near
I went and pulled the curtain
Police huddled front and rear.
There was a knock at the door
A man stood standing there
“I think you should come with me
I have something I want to share”.
He led me to the doorway
He led me to the street
I stood in front of a body
It was my love; laying at my feet.
I never quite got over
The foolish things I said
That night that was so precious
Has never left my head.
Written by,
Terry Shepherd.
me today 3

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