It’s a Good Time 

​It’s a Good Time 
Sitting here watching it rain

Clouds with no blue hue

A perfect time to talk to God

About all the things you do.
Tell him that your sorry

For all that you do wrong

Tell him that you love him

Sing it through a song.
Some don’t like this weather 

Would rather go and play

But appreciate your blessings 

That God gifted you today.
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd


Shadows bouncing off the wall 

Branches scratch the glass

Mice nibbling cracker crumbs 

You are frozen on your ass.
Goose bumps raising hair

Breathing comes to pause 

Creaking footsteps coming near

From somewhere down the hall.
The bedroom door slowly opens

A shadow becomes reality

You find it’s only mother

Asking if there’s anything you need. 
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd