Was This a Dream?

She sat up. Sweat pouring from her brow. Looking around she said out loud,  “What is going on? Where’s my room? Who are you “?

“I am here to answer your questions that reside in your dreams.  Please get out of bed; come with me.”

She pulled the covers close to her and refused the order. He raised higher in the room and with a brightness over-taking his eye, he lifted her as gently as a shooting star arching over the skies.

Without a word, the two moved through the walls and within a blink of the eye, they were entering the steel, rounded doorway. 

Her eyes couldn’t begin to take in the beauty within this strange land. Yes, I say land, because of the vastness of space.

There were hundreds of trees, full of fruit.  More types of fruit than she had ever seen.

There were probably thousands of people.  People who were smiling. They seemed happy. Everyone knew each other.

Some were helping others. Some were sharing a meal. Others were working together in a very large garden. 

This garden seemed bigger than a city block. He left her and went to his throne, where a beautiful,  but simple  woman waited quietly for him.

As she walked for what seemed miles,  she couldn’t help but feel something different from  her earth.

Peace,  yes, that was it, peace. There were no cell phones, or people’s voices raising. She noticed no vehicles, not even a bicycle. 

“She made her way back to where he sat. Why did you bring me here?”

“It is with deep sadness that I hear you cry out in your dreams, that there be peace in your family. For you to hear less arguing.  To be able to have time with parents who care.

I have brought you here to see that your earth is in a hurry to move on. No one notices each other.  No one seems to care. Our planet is based on our God’s law. Live in peace and harmony,  work and love another. There is no greed here, no jealousy,  just a pure love for life”.

She looked at him and began to weep as she knew she couldn’t make her family like these people’s lives. 

“I will help you.  I will show you how to make changes your family will want to accept “.

She walked over to  him and he motioned her to sit on the fluffy pillow. She sat and the two began to teach and learn about another life, another way of living.

Story written by, Terry Shepherd 

Picture drawn by , Terry Shepherd 

Silly Inner Feelings 

For sometime when I think about drawing or painting,  I get this weird, excited feeling inside.  

I know it’s crazy because I am not any kind of artist. I have the proof to show you below.

I always see the same pictures in my mind. I am standing or sitting in front of an easel.  I have various colors of pain’t at my right, which I have mixed for perfect blends.

I am drawing free hand with perhaps, a model of something to sketch. I vision me sketching with my special pencils and then filling in with my dreamy colors.

Of course this is silly. A silly inner feeling. I idolized my father, who was artistic.  In fact, I have in my possession,  his paint brush he used when he was young. Maybe I just want to be like him, who knows.

This is my silly drawings  today.