Silly Inner Feelings 

For sometime when I think about drawing or painting,  I get this weird, excited feeling inside.  

I know it’s crazy because I am not any kind of artist. I have the proof to show you below.

I always see the same pictures in my mind. I am standing or sitting in front of an easel.  I have various colors of pain’t at my right, which I have mixed for perfect blends.

I am drawing free hand with perhaps, a model of something to sketch. I vision me sketching with my special pencils and then filling in with my dreamy colors.

Of course this is silly. A silly inner feeling. I idolized my father, who was artistic.  In fact, I have in my possession,  his paint brush he used when he was young. Maybe I just want to be like him, who knows.

This is my silly drawings  today.

2 thoughts on “Silly Inner Feelings 

  1. I usually have an image in my mind when I draw, although what turns out is usually something a first grader would do in a tantrum lol.

    Yours have come out not too bad though Terry.

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