The Fern








The fern, a common plant here in my part of the country. A plant that sits on many porches during summer months.

Rabbit’s-Foot Fern

This slow-growing fern offers dark green, fine textured fronds and fuzzy stems that creep down over the pot or along the soil. These stems are what gives the fern its delightful common name.

Name: Humata tyermanii
Growing Conditions: Medium to bright light and high humidity
Size: To 2 feet tall and wide

I have owned these before. They thrive for me in the summer months, but once winter arrives, I have no luck. I have heard that they can live well inside your home. I have heard they like to be misted. I do something wrong, because the tips turn brown and they shed terribly, and I end up getting rid of them.

I love them though, and for the reasons above, I admire them and want to be around many. I took the photo below yesterday, so I can have it in my house year round.