Second Try

I gave my creativity another chance this morning.  I just can’t make up my mind whether to yay or nay going further. 

I admit I am using generic children’s sketch pads and the most generic of all water paints.

The reason behind my thoughts being, why waste money on better tools;if there is nothing from the user.

I am not even sure after looking at the completed project whether to stash or trash. 

Yay or Nay, be honest please


7 thoughts on “Second Try

  1. Terry, I like what you’ve done. Feel free to see reality with your own eyes. I see reality with mine. Our products, our outcomes, may look vastly different, however, because we see the world through the unique eyes and experiences for which we’ve been created. I don’t see the vase as too big.

    I once met a breakfast cook that was ecstatic one morning. He told me he just completed his (some very high number) of color mixing. His work was with water color and blending basic colors to create various shades apparently is a practice. Anyway, he’d been doing water color for years and years. If you enjoy it, keep it. Do another and another and another.

    Lord Bless, Keep, Shine.

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    • If I wouldn’t have cropped the picture, the vase wouldn’t look so large. Lesson learned on that. Painting is expensive. This is why I wanted advice. I try to mix colors also, but not many paints to work with. I enjoy painting but feel it may not be worth the effort. Hugs


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