Don’t  Count Too Hard

Wow, what  a  morning .  I  woke  stressed. I  found  that uncomfortable. Today  is  the  dentist  and  denture  day. I  was restricted  to  my morning  java, which didn’t  settle  well with  my morning  routine.

I  ate a late breakfast  so my sugars  would  stay up until I got home. I  was driven  by my care watcher to the dentist . My Parkinson  was almost 75% full power with tremors .  Stress makes my Parkinson’s  worse in a round  a bout way . When I  feel weak, the tremors  kick in easier . 

I  had decided  prior to   entering those big, double   glass doors  to ask for a lighter sedation; due to care person having  worked    an overnight  shift and I  wouldn’t  have anyone  watching  over me until  the  sedative  wore off. I  immediately  went  and announced  my grand arrival .  I  proceeded  to  explain  the  situation ,  

I  stated I would  take my own prescription  I take for tremor calming. They told me they were  still going  to  charge me the huge sedation  fee. I asked why and the comment  given  to  me  was , they would  have to  still observe me.

I  argued my point letting  them know I take  this prescription  medication  by myself, and am able to  take care of  myself, and have done this for  months .

I  could  see and feel the irritation  building  in the office . I  was then told to go back to  the  surgery  room, before  my medication  had taken  affect.

All of a sudden I had this mental vision  of  having  my teeth pulled by a mad Zombie  team. The trust had been broken  by unstable   price quotes and the unnecessary  sedation  charge.

I  said, forget it, forget everything .  Charge  me for  the  office  visit,  give me   my x-ray  and the denture  you made. I  told them to credit  back all other expenses already showing  up  on  my  credit  card   that were  not done. 

I  was told in a couple  of  weeks  I should  see a credit. (Too bad it doesn’t  take a couple  of  weeks  for a charge  to be taken  out of our bank accounts . )

I left the  office  with  my x-ray and denture. I  came home  and  called another  dentist. I  explained  briefly  about  the situation  and told  them I  have  x-ray  and denture . 

I  go next Tuesday  to have teeth pulled  and  my denture  placed ,  and with my own calming  medication . 

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