My Thoughts ,  Maybe Not Yours

​Just saw the first  

Christmas  commercial. 

When did God

Leave the scene

And money take power

Over the most

Glorious  day of  the  year?
Halloween  not even here,

Thanksgiving  not been shared,

But Christmas  tree decorations  

Holiday music; loud and clear.

Hoping to  clean your  pockets ? 
Wouldn’t  it  be nicer

To share time and a dinner  

No gifts under the  tree,

Just beautiful  lights;

Can you  buy time together?
What would  the stores do

If on Black Friday morn

They opened the doors  

And the sidewalks  were bare?

Can you  really  buy happiness ? 
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts ,  Maybe Not Yours

  1. I saw the first Christmas stuff in July and I was disgusted. It was bad enough a couple of years ago when I saw it in September. Soon it will be May, then there will be no break. Companies are finding any way to reap the money associated with Christmas. How long before kids have no idea when Jesus was born? It doesn’t help with governments saying “It will no longer be called Christmas, but the holiday season”. I am not religious myself, but it does infuriate me. After all, even the name of it is “Christ” The birth of Christ. Not “The birth of the time to go and spend money you don’t have to fill the pockets of corporations who don’t give a flying banana about you as long as you spend the money”

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