White Wedding Cake 

I found a recipe for a white Wedding Cake,  courtesy of :


You can go to the link and look it up. I couldn’t seem to copy and paste it here for you.

I’m not getting married, so I added a couple of drops of coconut oil to the batter and Buttercream icing.

This was a snap to put together and mighty tasty too.

The Only Way 

​Most tucked inside their beds

Cozy, snuggled under sheets 

Ner a care in the world 

Only sounds are heart beats. 
Whilst out amongst the other side

Wondering minds , trigger hands

Watching,  waiting, thrusting

Into homes around our land.
For this situation I pray

Keep us safe this very day.

Show those lost your vision true

Show them the goodness in all you do.
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd