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I used to be threatened by giants. Anything taller, bigger than myself. Could they  hurt me? Would they chase me down, or worse yet bully me?

Today, I don’t feel that fear. Instead, I look at the giant trees God has placed here for our enjoyment. The splendor of shade provided for hot, summer days. The beautiful colors as they change in the Fall, getting ready for our cold winters.

The giant tractors in the fields taking in the crops of corn. The giant trucks that buzz down our highways, transferring goods for us to use. The giant sun, oh how it can warm us, even on the coldest of days. Sometimes warmth not only comes from the heat, it can also come from the heart.

The giant stars we search over in the evening skies, as we try to make out different figures. Or how about those giant clouds that we watch and play games with as we lay on our blanket at the beach.

There are many things that are giant in size, that should not scare us. We should embrace each gift as we tarry along on our path called life.


My Solemn Promise

My Solemn Promise

You are trying your best
To tear me down
Rip my soul in two
Take away everything I do
Split me away from family
Hold me unto your own
Dominate all that I am.

But I tell you this one thing
I am stronger than you knew
I won’t give up who I am
You can’t take them from me
For I am a branch
From an oak solid tree.

I may not have money
I may not be pretty
And I may not be the
Smartest bird on the line
But I’ll be damned if
You change who I am
I’ve went through enough.

I will flee like a lion
I will run from your view
I will sleep in my car
Or a box, maybe two
But I won’t ever go through
What I did once before
You will know me no more.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd