My Solemn Promise

My Solemn Promise

You are trying your best
To tear me down
Rip my soul in two
Take away everything I do
Split me away from family
Hold me unto your own
Dominate all that I am.

But I tell you this one thing
I am stronger than you knew
I won’t give up who I am
You can’t take them from me
For I am a branch
From an oak solid tree.

I may not have money
I may not be pretty
And I may not be the
Smartest bird on the line
But I’ll be damned if
You change who I am
I’ve went through enough.

I will flee like a lion
I will run from your view
I will sleep in my car
Or a box, maybe two
But I won’t ever go through
What I did once before
You will know me no more.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


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