Never, Ever Give Up

I saw,this and it reminded me to fight my tremors  and work harder to still see the good in our world.

Whether you are ill or suffering with a chronic disease,  fight. Life isn’t always what we wanted, but God placed us in our spot for a purpose. 

We don’t always know that purpose and sometimes see our lives as unfair or less than beneficial. 

But, knowing we are where we are, our positive attitude and eagerness to move through anything, can give us dual, mental strength. 

We are warriors, friends to others,  family to someone and children of God.


Hugs my dear friends. I am right here beside and with you.

God bless you right this minute. 

The Night Before The Tooth Fairy 

It is the night before I make one more trip to the dentist.  This time I’m having my lower teeth pulled and a denture placed. 

I have already done this before,  a year ago this month, but, I am still nervous. 

To pass the time this evening, I painted. 

If you see this post before noon tomorrow,  Monday,  say a prayer for calmness to run through my veins and a smooth transition. 

Second Try

I gave my creativity another chance this morning.  I just can’t make up my mind whether to yay or nay going further. 

I admit I am using generic children’s sketch pads and the most generic of all water paints.

The reason behind my thoughts being, why waste money on better tools;if there is nothing from the user.

I am not even sure after looking at the completed project whether to stash or trash. 

Yay or Nay, be honest please


There is something to be said about living in Indiana.  The four seasons. We look forward here to each new summer,  winter,  Spring and Fall.

Each brings joy and the chance of fun and good memories.  The crisp air is refreshing after heat and humidity. 

I found a clipping by Author,  Sue Grafton.  I believe she stated it well.