Daily Post/ Copycat



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How sad it is when two people so close drift apart over the years. This is what happened to me. In fact; it is my half/sister to whom I am speaking about.

I was ten when she was born. For the first several years; we shared nothing in common. Oh, I was fascinated by her. She was a brand new baby, and I would rather play with my baby dolls. They were able to be held, changed and fed.

As time went by, and she became a young teen, suddenly things turned around for us. She looked up to me, the older sister. She wanted to be all grown-up, so she decided to become my shadow and copycat.

At first I was irritated but as time went on, she sort of grew on me. I was married by then with my new family and we invited my half/sister over many times. We laughed so hard, talked about anything and especially boys. (She was at that age)

She spend many nights and went on trips with us. We remained close as two sisters can be. The copycat/sister relationship was awesome. I was so content. A good husband, beautiful kids, and an awesome sister.

Years flew by and our mom passed away. Seven years later dad passed away. Without going into a long and boring story, I will just say, things went so terribly wrong. Soon jealousy, bitterness and hatred were thrown at me, for being the one chosen to take care of legalities.

To this day, nine years later, my favorite sister has disappeared from my life. There is no more copycat. She wants nothing to do with me. There is definitely love on my side mixed with hurt.

Although I have tried reaching out, nothing works. My only hope now is that she come to see me; not as a copycat, but as a sister, before I leave this earth.




Song/ The Daily Post





For this week’s challenge, tell us the story of your special connection to one song (or another discrete musical composition, from a jazz tune to a techno track or opera aria). When did it start? How has it changed over time? Does the song’s meaning reside in the melody, the lyrics, the performer’s voice — or some other intangible element?


Years ago when I was 13 years old; my favorite group was The Carpenters. I listened to song after song. While most of my other friends were into heavy metal; I preferred the soft rock and remain true to my heart today, many years later.

I remember a Friday evening, I was allowed to go to a football game with friends. Mom dropped me off at the school. The game was boring and we were losing, so my group of friends decided to go to one of their homes, and of course I followed.

I always had my cassette with me and after listening to the rock crap long enough, I asked if we could play my music. They knew what I liked and yet tolerated my taste. They put the loved music on.

I grabbed a friend’s hairbrush and stood up on a footstool. I sang my heart out to the song, Close to You. I didn’t care who laughed or left. I was in another world when I heard Karen Carpenter’s voice, and back then, my voice blended so well with hers.

Today, when I listen to this song; I smile. I can go back to earlier days and remember the care-free days of laughing and enjoying life. I will always treasure that evening. By the way, I never told mom I left the game. I was back at the field by the time the game was over.