The Daily  Post/One Word Prompt

Write a post on today’s  one word prompt  : Bridge
Bridge can be something  visual  tucked away in one’s  mind. It can be used to crossover  from the past to the future .  A mental  trip can give you  beautiful  thoughts  and  smiles .  You  can also bring yourself  to  tears and down on your  knees reliving  sad times.

This trip can also bring on a deeper depression  or anger, if you  remain standing  on the edge too  long . 

This bridge could  have connecting  dirt paths. You  may decide to take a step out in faith  and try something  you have longed for years. You could choose  the other fork in  the  path and walk the paved trail to goals.

Here, you  perhaps  could lay down your  favorite , colorful  and  soft blanket. You could slip off your  running  shoes  and  socks and proceed to slowly run your  naked feet in the  soft, luscious  and green  grass. 

With  your  favorite  crystal  glass and a tasty wine, you will  undoubtedly  want to linger in this  spot, making goals  for your  future. 

When your  walk is over, you  will  cross  once again  over the bridge leading to  your  home. This will no doubt  play a big role in how the  rest  of  your  day will continue . 

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