A Poem I Wrote 

​I  remember  when you  were new

Eyes of blue  

Too small  to  know  

The Christmas  glow.
I remember  you  

When you  were two

So excited  from toys

Squeals of  joy.
I  remember  when

You  were 16 then

Santa brought  a car

You  drove  so far.
That was the last time

We sat in line

Watching  your   face

Now there  is  no place
Christmas  is here

Why aren’t  you dear?

I  miss your  face  

I wish I  could  have  taken  your  place.
Christmas  will never be

The same for dad and me

We sit here with tears

Missing  you  being near.
Written  by , 

Terry  Shepherd  

November ,  2015

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