One Word  Daily  Prompt  

The word today is  Irksome . 
The world today has good in it, but it also has plenty  of  bad. It is  so  Irksome  to me when I  look around  me and constantly  view the Me Syndrome . 

I  often write  about  my memories  as a child. Why you  ask? Because  it is a prettier sight  than today. Life seems to  be  more about  thinking  about  the SELF.

In my growing  up  it was not about  ones  self. It was about  what can we do to help another. As a child, I  was expected  to  pitch in  with the family  chores. I  was told I lived there and so keeping  my room clean, helping  with laundry ,  cooking  and cleaning was not to come with rewards . 

I  helped  in the summer  gardening  in order to  release the work load  on the adults . If I  wanted  a  car, I  was expected  to  drive  myself  and of course  that meant having a car.

My parents  did help me find my first job and provided me my first 10 year  old  car. I  was expected  to  purchase my own gasoline  and  pay a portion  of  the added liability  auto insurance . 

I  believe  in my heart  that if I  was given rather  than earn my way in life, I  would  have turned out different  from who I am today. I  still  carry within  me, respect ,  compassion  for others  and still think of  how can I  be of help to  others.

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