Is God Playing  a Part  in  This ? 

​Does God  Play a Part in This?
Many Americans  were shocked  and in awe when  they woke to the news of Donald  Trump  being our  new President . My first thought  was why? Didn’t  most people  vote him in? Then why the surprise ? 
Listening  to  the  media, there has been stated various  reasons  for  people’s  votes. Observing  the riots reminds me of the day Jesus  carried  his own cross  to his death, in order to  save our lives . 
Sacrifice , yes sacrifice  his life  for our sins .  Today, we have a brand new President  coming into office . No matter what has happened  prior, he says what we all want to  hear.
He states it is now time  to  bring people  back together .  We have split  over race, money, jobs , jealousy , and hatred. Is it possible  that God  is  playing  a vast amount  in this plan to use Donald  Trump  in order  to  bring our country  back to  a place  we all really yearn for?
I  am  not God and do not pretend  to  know his plan, but I  do know  that 1000 times  over, people  prayed, Prayers  requesting  God to help our  country  at this very important  voting time?
Just some food  for thought .

1 thought on “Is God Playing  a Part  in  This ? 

  1. You are the first person I’ve seen on this site who feels the way I do. Trump is not perfect by any means, but America needs change and quick. Real change. We can’t just sit idly by as a nation anymore and allow the country to fall apart, which it has been more and more each day. It’s a mess and we need God to help us. Maybe this is His help. Only time will tell.


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