What’s  Life  All  About  

​What’s  Life  All About  
What’s  life  all about  

Being in the presence  of  loved ones

Knowing  you’re  cared and shown

There’s  never any doubt.
Being able to wake  each morn

Giving  God the Thanks he deserves

Making your  own  decisions  

Feeling refreshed and heart reborn.
To hear a child’s  laughter

To touch a new born babe

To tell someone  you  love them

It’s  a  gift; you know  for sure.
So don’t  fuss over  the  small  stuff  

Ask God for help this day

Look at life with  new-found  hope

And life won’t  seem so rough . 
Written  by ,  

Terry  Shepherd

2 thoughts on “What’s  Life  All  About  

  1. Hi Terry. Long time since I have made any comments. Beautiful poem. How are you? I still think about your brother, and pray for you. My oldest brother-in-law passéd away last year, and I have him in my thoughts on a daily basis. God be with you.

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    • I am so sorry for your loss . I am trying to keep my spirit . I lost part of myself when my brother died. I wish I could go back to my old self. I have my sad days still. What losing Al did was change me. I have more compassion and empathy and feel a lot older and perhaps a bit more quiet . I am glad you reached out to me. I like keeping my good friends near


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