The Daily Post, One Word Prompt

Mythical is the one word prompt for today.

adjective myth·i·cal \ˈmi-thi-kəl\
Popularity: Bottom 50% of words

Simple Definition of mythical

  • : based on or described in a myth

  • : existing only in the imagination


Is it only in my imagination that I sense you are looking down on me? I swear I sometimes feel your arms around me. One day when I was so down in the dumps, I think you were here.

Wasn’t it you that made the curtains blow while the window was shut? Wasn’t it you that I heard gently laugh at something funny I was watching on television? You remember that time when I passed the candy aisle and I felt a tug or something , pulling me towards the candy you loved best?

I know you are always on my mind, and I believe that you are always watching out for me. Know one ever sees you; but I feel your presence.


The mind is mythical

A game in itself

A hope of something happening

Never sleeping on a shelf.