Daily Prompt , One Word Prompt 

The word for today is SACRED.
I believe there is nothing more sacred than how we feel about ourselves . Top-dog jobs, million dollar homes, multiple vehicles, poverty, disabilities. Need I go on?

There is power in our world; positive and negative power. We can help our people rise and we can also destroy with the slip of the tongue.

We need to hold our thoughts of who we are to a high enough level, that we remain safe when unkind words and gestures are used.

We need to remember our purpose for living on this earth. God waste nothing and no one .  If you haven’t figured out your purpose for being gifted the chance to breathe today; ask God, he will show you . 

Hold your soul and heart sacred and let nothing or anyone convince  you of anything less.

3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt , One Word Prompt 

  1. That’s great Terry. Some people’s “goal” is to be someone for people to talk to, or to relate to.

    I once lost a good friend through a slip of the tongue. I’ve regretted it for over 20 years.


      • I did something similar a couple of years ago and nearly lost another friend, but the bond was too strong I think and we just stopped talking for a couple of months then went back to as if it never happened.


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