The Thought 

It is Sunday morning.  I awoke to white coverage on the ground.  We are to receive up to ten inches of snow by dusk.

I am sitting on my bed, gazing out my window, and I think about the friend I made over the summer.  Mr. Gopher and I have learned to communicate through gibberish words and sounds.

I watched with interest through the Autumn season, as his instincts told him to prepare for the cold winter. 

Daily he would travel yards of coverage,  gathering supplies and then carry each tidbit to his under ground hole; which happens to be in our backyard. 

I haven’t seen him lately,  but I won’t forget him. I miss our talks and the closeness we once shared. 

I carry hope, that with the beginning of Spring, we shall once again continue where we left off.

This last paragraph reminds me of someone I love dearly. There was once upon a time,  a closeness shared,  with another soul. I never thought distance and changing thoughts and split paths, would ever cause us to become two pieces of driftwood. 

Now, as I feel about Mr. Gopher,  I also will look forward to a new Spring. I will carry thoughts of continuing our relationship and becoming close once again. 

1 thought on “The Thought 

  1. A friendship sometimes takes a break, but with true friends, they just take up where they left off as if nothing has changed. Sometimes they need time to recover from their own issues, or they have their own problems they don’t want to share so they don’t which means they don’t lie when someone says “how are you.” Your friend will still be there Terry. no matter what. They may not be front and centre, but I imagine if you spoke to them, they would turn up again.

    Worry not. For time passes and friendships reconnect.


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