Fixable? Hopefully

I am sitting here listening to my favorite, all-time group; The Carpenters. My heart is heavy tonight. No it’s not because of Al or any losses in my life. It is because I have placed myself in a position where I tend to beat myself up.

What did I do? What wrong thing did I say? What should I have done more of? I hate it and I am hating myself for allowing this to happen. I wonder if at my age, I will ever learn about myself.

I have to fix me. I can’t belittle myself any longer. I am worthy. I was happy once, I can be again.





1 thought on “Fixable? Hopefully

  1. Love the Carpenters! One of my all time favorite groups, too. Don’t love that you are feeling down on yourself, though. You are such a shining star, you have shone through so much and you will shine again. Listen to me when I say this, You WILL shine again. Just hang in there, dear Terry and never give up on you. You are so worth it. Much love and many hugs to you.


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