It’s Christmas eve

The children in bed

Mama and papa

Sipping drinks in the shed.
Bike put together 

Doll house stands tall

Let’s eat some more rum balls

Then time to put in the call.
Hello? Santa? It’s us

The Millers on Main

We’re ready for deliveries 

Now grab hold of the reins.
We’ve done all we could

Spent money we had

Could you help our small children,

Cuz they haven’t been  bad.
I am sure you’ve been looking

Over the naughty and good

I promised the young ones

You wouldn’t bypass our hood.
So please Mr. Clause

Don’t forget our small street 

We’ll stay awake and be listening

For your sleigh and the reindeer feet.
Written by, 

Terry Shepherd 

December 24th, 2016
Picture painted by, Terry Shepherd