The Thought 

It is Sunday morning.  I awoke to white coverage on the ground.  We are to receive up to ten inches of snow by dusk.

I am sitting on my bed, gazing out my window, and I think about the friend I made over the summer.  Mr. Gopher and I have learned to communicate through gibberish words and sounds.

I watched with interest through the Autumn season, as his instincts told him to prepare for the cold winter. 

Daily he would travel yards of coverage,  gathering supplies and then carry each tidbit to his under ground hole; which happens to be in our backyard. 

I haven’t seen him lately,  but I won’t forget him. I miss our talks and the closeness we once shared. 

I carry hope, that with the beginning of Spring, we shall once again continue where we left off.

This last paragraph reminds me of someone I love dearly. There was once upon a time,  a closeness shared,  with another soul. I never thought distance and changing thoughts and split paths, would ever cause us to become two pieces of driftwood. 

Now, as I feel about Mr. Gopher,  I also will look forward to a new Spring. I will carry thoughts of continuing our relationship and becoming close once again. 

Daily Prompt, One Word Prompt


The word for today is ABIDE.

Definition of abide


play \-ˈbōd\ or



  1. transitive verb
  2. 1:  to wait for :await

  3. 2a:  to endure without yielding :withstandb:  to bear patiently :tolerate<cannot abide such bigots>

  4. 3:  to accept without objection <will abide your decision


Sit quietly

Close your eyes

Hear the silence

Tune into the heart

Place hands together

Smile gently

Breathe deeply

Pray aggressively

Abide your time

Good things

Will happen.

Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Cleaning the Mind

If you have lost a loved one; than you will be able to relate to this post. It is Saturday, and the plans I had made had been cancelled; so I decided to play on the computer. One thing led to another and soon I was looking through old photos I had saved.

These included images I had used here at WordPress, personal photos and documents from several years ago. I started looking at everything, and was amazed at how many sad quotes and sad things I saw on my computer.

It made me sad just looking at these. Al has been gone over two years. I still miss him bad, but I don’t need the images of angels, and death quotes etc. Without thinking further, I cleaned my photos. It took me a couple hours, but after I was finished, I had cleaned my mind of sad things.

I am ready to move on and didn’t even realize it. There are still songs, and coca-cola items and pictures of Al and my parents that can bring me to tears, but I am so much further along in my healing process that a year ago. Christmas is the hardest time for me, so all I have to do now is lean on my family and friends, and I, too, shall get through this holiday.

The painting below, is my latest painting I did last evening.



In the Ghetto

In the Ghetto


In the alley

Late at night

Lays an innocent child.

Crying, hungry, scared.

Mamma tries her best

But life’s not been fair.

Hooked on drugs,

Forced upon her;

She has to give

Up her child.

Crying for

Her past mistakes,

When she wanted

To go to college.

There was no money.

Parents fell into

The trap of poverty.

She tried to earn money;

But he took advantage of her.

“God forgive me of my sins.

I am dying

And I don’t want

My child to see this.

Please let someone

Find him and

Give him a

Home of hope”.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd