A New Day, Thank-You

It is wonderful to feel back to myself today. I wrote my post yesterday and I let out my feelings on my Facebook page. Many prayers were said and words of encouragement.

Today, I have not run into any walls. Isn’t this wonderful? I have tremors, but not as much as yesterday.

I know that I can’t rid my Parkinson’s, but reaching out to others does help. I have always had too much pride to ask others for things of any type. I am glad I changed my view on that.

I want to thank all who let me know their feelings. Big hugs.

First photo, my son’s dog.

Second photo, my latest painting called, Wonders.

Third photo, my latest photo of myself.




I Am Still Around

Breeze whispers through my hair
As I sit on our favorite dock
A smile gently unfolds around me
As I remember the six oclocks.

It was here we said I love you
It was here, our kiss began
It was here you took me gently
By clinging onto another’s hands.

Now a year has passed between us
We said goodbye to summer gone
We said we’d write each other
And never forget our song.

The time ticked by so slowly
Then sped it up my months
I’d give anything my darling
If we could one time more, just touch.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd



I don’t know what is wrong with me. I have self-diagnosed for so long. I went to the doctor today and learned that exercise programs are out for me now. I can do yoga, he said, as long as I go slow at it.

My Parkinson’s is advancing just a touch. Today I spent a few times hugging the wall, as my balance is off more today than usual. It seems anything I place in my  hands, makes my hands tremor. I can barely write my name now a days.

I have spent too much time going back to the past and reliving my better moments. It’s fun and yet makes me cry, as I realize age is gaining on me.

I was asked if I wanted to be placed on depression pills, but I am afraid I will sleep all day, so I said no for now. I swear I can kick this. Perhaps Spring will make a difference. The smell of fresh air, seeing green grass again, being able to go out with my camera again.

To be quite frank, I never dreamed losing my brother could place such a deep pit in my heart. I can go to my son’s house and visit, and I am so  happy. I go home and within a day, I am sad again.

I hate this my friend, I really do. I have always been told I am a survivor, so I will survive though this. I have too much to live for. I know God isn’t done with me yet.

I am going to go on U-Tube and look up Yoga classes. The doctor said it will help my balance, so why not give it a try, right? I also learned that Parkinson’s can bring on teary eyes and sad times. Thank goodness I do have good days.

Well, I just wanted you to know I am still around. I have been writing a lot of  poetry but not near as much short stories. Things have to get better, they must.



Laughing at Myself or Maybe a Tear

Does anyone feel as I do or do you have most moments in your day filled? I am talking about single or divorced older women. I never dreamed 10 years ago, that I would spend so much time trying to think what to do next.

When you are younger, married and raising a family, you barely have enough time to think; but when the kids are grown and perhaps you are now alone, what do you do?

I love to paint, but I can’t paint all day long. I clean a lot. I talk to many on Facebook. I don’t bake much anymore because I would be heavier even more, and besides, I am a diabetic, and naturally, I would want to bake sweets. I love to write and have published a couple of books, but I am in Pause mode, as I can’t figure out how to get Open Office files on to my desktop, into a file, without all the OP garbage, I just want the chapter. I have tried and tried.

I would love to date, but I have to wonder if that will ever happen as I drift faster and faster into the Senior stages of life. Of course, I want that old-fashion gentleman, who isn’t hundreds of miles away, and so I am not really searching anymore, but hang onto HOPE.

I watch enough television for my own good, but usually have it on for noise in the background. I do have a roommate, but still have the place to myself most times.

When I get off this computer and stand up, all I hear is silence. I get so frustrated. I never dreamed, as I said before, life would be this way.

Perhaps I live too much in the past with those oldie TV programs. Kids grow up, then there are bridge clubs, luncheons, phone conversations.

The only good I feel that I do is love my kids and grandkids and help and chat with many on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong, I really am not on a pity party. I just get sick of doing nothing. I don’t have to be the head person, I just have to feel, feel what? Here, I am stalling, thinking, what is the proper word I want to use. Be noticed? Be wanted? Be loved?

I don’t know. I am loved. My family loves me. I am sure, no positive, they would miss me a lot if I passed away, so what is it that I need? Wish I knew.

It’s like, come on phone, ring, message, someone say, hey, haven’t seen you for a while, wanna do lunch? Man, as I look back at this post, I laugh. I think, what a baby you are. Get over it. You are sixty-two, you had your chances. You are older now, you are supposed to be sitting and watching TV, what? waiting to die?


My Friends in the Woods

It is Thursday. The weather is dreary, filled with rain and clouds. The good find is the temperatures are above our normal weather here in January in Indiana.

I didn’t do a lot today, so stayed out of trouble. Instead, I dreamed. I dreamed I woke up in a lush, green forest. Many animals were sitting around me. Each was eager to share their days with me. There must have been about fifty different animals. Bunnies, hedge hogs, raccoons, snakes, birds of many colors, just to name a few.

I wasn’t looking like I normally do. I had long, blonde locks with full curls. When I looked down at myself, I didn’t have the gut I carry now. Instead I  had that perfect body. My skin was pale in color, but perfect.

Many beautiful and tall trees wrapped their branches around me. I had never felt more safe and secure as I did at this very moment, sitting in the thickest, softest and greenest grass I had ever seen in my life.

Attached to the barks were many blank canvases. All primed and below each one was a tray of pretty colors and so many brushes; why my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw the array.

The sky was bluer than blue. There were clouds of rainbow colors. Each cloud held the exact color in the paint trays. I definitely was living out my dream of opening my mind and running with it on canvas.

My friends scampered and upon return each gifted me with a sketching pencil, eraser, paint brushes, and a ruffled apron. I stood up and tears rolled down my eyes. Mr. Bunny asked me why I was crying.

I told him, “No one ever seemed to care about my dreams. Now, here, I have many friends who care”. Mr. Bunny wiped a tear away from his cheek with his soft, fuzzy pad. The others came and rested their arms around me. They each showed me that all my thoughts I had been carrying with me were all wrong.

They led me to the biggest canvas and pointed for me to go up to it. I looked at each one and patted heads and shook hands. I nervously walked until I was eye to eye with the white board.

I turned around and all were smiling and nodding. ” Do it my friend. You have it in you. You have always had it in you; you just never recognized it”.

I thought for a moment and then brush in hand, I slowly dipped it into a pastel color. My mind raced. It tore open the steel wires that had been binding for decades. Wild creatures flew out of the mind and snow-white doves replaced.

My heart began to beat calmer. My breathing decreased. My eyes brightened. I felt warmness surround me and I let the hand of God rest gently over mine as I laid the first color on the white canvas.






Daily Prompt, One Word Pr


The word for today is BOUNTY


My Bounty


I sit here at my table

It’s small as it can be

Spread with a white protector

It gives me all I need.


I sip a bit of coffee

I take a bite of toast

I look at all around me

I have much more than most.


I have been blessed

Living in this county

I put my hands together

Thank God for all this bounty.


Written by,

Terry Shepherd




Daily Prompt, One Word Prompts


The word for today is SOMEDAY


Some day, I say that often. Some day I am going to start that diet. Some day I am going to have more money in the bank. Some day I will begin to exercise. You get where I am going? Some day never really arrives.

I find I need to love and enjoy the day I am in, doing things that bring me peace and happiness. It is part of accepting who I am and not what the media would like to see me be.


The Journal of Your Life

The Journal of Your Life

When you are young

Life has no cares.

When you grow old

No minutes to spare.


Memories of running

Laughing and fun

Bring you smiles

As you sit in the sun.


Skin becomes wrinkled

Eyes filled with spark

Wishing for youth

To return to your heart.


It’s very important

To journal your life

As you grow weary

Take nothing in strife.


For  one day will come

And you’ll see his light

You’ll carry all those memories

So wonderful and bright.

Written by, Terry Shepherd


Daily Prompt, One Word Prompts


The word for today is CLING

As I was typing these words, my mind was scrambling at what to write. Many times I pounce on the first thoughts I write. For this word I thought of a couple of avenues I could take.

Cling, like cling to life? Don’t make any changes? Don’t upset the apple cart?

Or the other thought to cling was God.

I am going to go with the last thought, God. Some believe, some don’t. I do believe every human believes in something, and I can’t  help but wish it was God for all.

I have bounced back and forth throughout the years. I dedicated my life at a summer church camp many years ago at the tender age of 10. Since then, I went through the rebellion years, the years of arguing my point to my parents on why I wanted to stay home and sleep on Sundays after having worked until close at my job.

I got back into God when I had my children. I wanted to make sure they were dedicated and at least had that chance of knowing his closeness, in case I dropped again, and believe me I did.

It wasn’t until I was in my fifties and I took care of my dying father and brother, that I realized my need for God. It was treacherous ground I walked those eight years. Taking my dad to the doctors, watching him slip away from me, taking care of my brother through his seven year journey of having Multiple System Atrophy, that I rededicated my life for what I hope is the final time.

It will be three years since I lost my brother in March. I have of course, been a slippery one in reading my Bible. I am an avid watcher of Joyce Meyers and Dr. Charles Stanley. I don’t care to drive much anymore. I drive when I really have to.

The darn old Parkinson’s can play havoc on the legs as I hold down the gas pedal, so I prefer to stay safe and watch on TV. I learn so much and better than that both of these preachers revitalize me until the next showing.

The important thing though is I want to be revitalized. I want to hear more, I want to be fed the word of God. Yes, it is difficult to speak of God to those who don’t choose to believe, but I have to. I make it a point not to push, just say his name and maybe speak about how I can’t live without him.

So for me, Cling is something I want to do. In fact, I have no choice. I choose heaven or Hell. I thank God each day for bearing his soul on that cross and going through the hell and torture he did, just to save little old me. I am truly blessed.


What an Honor I Felt

You probably know by now following my blog, that I am my worst critic. I don’t understand why I am like this and try to change my view of myself.

Yesterday I was scanning my emails, you know, separating real emails from the junk. I came upon an email that was from the site I use to post my photography I take. I opened it up and was greatly surprised when it was announced that my photo had been placed on the front home page.

What an honor I felt. It did help some to be able to admit, without any bragging, that perhaps I don’t do too bad  in taking photos. I will never be great, and the best part is I plain love it.

Here is the photo that placed.