The New Year

The old year is gone and pretty much forgotten. Television ads running mad across the screen to prompt you to look at yourself closely. They convince you something is wrong with yourself. Too tall, too thick, too old looking. On and on they go, doing whatever they can to get some of that money of yours.

I was always a chubby girl starting school. I am not sure why I turned the scales upside down, but I do have my suspicions. When I was in the seventh grade, my mother introduced me to Weight Watchers.

There, I learned, that I should be if not, ashamed of what I looked like. You know friends? That episode when I was 12 years old never left. I have looked at myself in the mirror many times throughout the years. I have been on every diet I could afford. I am still chubby.

This year, my goal is about me. Very simple words too. Accept myself. Now you say it out loud. Can you do it? Is it difficult to get the words out. Not very many of us truly accept ourselves, but I am going to try my hardest to understand that I was not created to be a Barbie Doll.

I am chubby but I do have a pretty smile. I try to find the positive instead of weighing in on the negative. I get hurt, but who doesn’t? I have kicked myself for not looking like the lady down the street.

No more, I can’t take it. I have to accept that I am me. I have great things to offer, and lastly, I can never be perfect. That usually happens only in Hollywood.