Daily Prompt, One Word Prompt



The word for today is UNEVEN.

Uneven, a path many of us take in life day to day. One day we are pumped, the next we are in a slump.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have each day full of rose petal paths? Life doesn’t work that way though, as we all know.

Part of growing up is acceptance. My friend, Al Forbes and I were just speaking about this topic this morning.

Acceptance for me has not come easy. It only takes a few words of negativity to cement in the mind forever.

It just takes watching a few commercials on television to cause doubt in our mind.

Now that I am older and have gone through joy and sorrow, I have no choice but to look at myself and learn to accept this is who I am.

I am not fit and tone. I am not an avid exerciser. I do love to think and paint and take photos. These are more mental exercise than physical. I don’t like getting out and running to nowhere. I don’t like showing my body off in some gym where I am more self-aware that I am heavier than others.

I am not the life of the party and do not  get invited to parties. It’s alright though, I don’t do well in crowds and can panic. I love one on one circles. I don’t have a ton of friends, but I do  have friends that have been there for years and years.

I am sort of quiet, but I like that. I am a huge people watcher. I get a kick out of seeing how others dress and act when out in public.

So, maybe my uneven is becoming more even. When we learn to accept that we are who we are, the path becomes more smooth.


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