What is a Day?

I wake up feeling the best in the mornings. I try to give thanks for one more chance to make a change in others lives. At my age, although I am not ancient yet, I realize it is a gift to wake up.

I don’t work because of my gait problems, so I don’t have the normal thoughts as most others. Going to work, dropping the kids off , what’s for supper. Instead, I kind of drift through the day.

I let my mind expand and try to travel different avenues, seeing if there is something I can do. Helping others is something that gives me personal peace. Last night, I painted. I didn’t and usually don’t know what I am going to paint.

It seems as though when I plan ahead what I may paint, I fail. It is much better for me to just pick up the brush and let the mind go. Here is what I painted last night.

Today, I have hope. Not knowing what door will open, but watching for it. Have a good day my friends.


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