Daily Prompt, One Word Prompts


The word for today is CLING

As I was typing these words, my mind was scrambling at what to write. Many times I pounce on the first thoughts I write. For this word I thought of a couple of avenues I could take.

Cling, like cling to life? Don’t make any changes? Don’t upset the apple cart?

Or the other thought to cling was God.

I am going to go with the last thought, God. Some believe, some don’t. I do believe every human believes in something, and I can’t  help but wish it was God for all.

I have bounced back and forth throughout the years. I dedicated my life at a summer church camp many years ago at the tender age of 10. Since then, I went through the rebellion years, the years of arguing my point to my parents on why I wanted to stay home and sleep on Sundays after having worked until close at my job.

I got back into God when I had my children. I wanted to make sure they were dedicated and at least had that chance of knowing his closeness, in case I dropped again, and believe me I did.

It wasn’t until I was in my fifties and I took care of my dying father and brother, that I realized my need for God. It was treacherous ground I walked those eight years. Taking my dad to the doctors, watching him slip away from me, taking care of my brother through his seven year journey of having Multiple System Atrophy, that I rededicated my life for what I hope is the final time.

It will be three years since I lost my brother in March. I have of course, been a slippery one in reading my Bible. I am an avid watcher of Joyce Meyers and Dr. Charles Stanley. I don’t care to drive much anymore. I drive when I really have to.

The darn old Parkinson’s can play havoc on the legs as I hold down the gas pedal, so I prefer to stay safe and watch on TV. I learn so much and better than that both of these preachers revitalize me until the next showing.

The important thing though is I want to be revitalized. I want to hear more, I want to be fed the word of God. Yes, it is difficult to speak of God to those who don’t choose to believe, but I have to. I make it a point not to push, just say his name and maybe speak about how I can’t live without him.

So for me, Cling is something I want to do. In fact, I have no choice. I choose heaven or Hell. I thank God each day for bearing his soul on that cross and going through the hell and torture he did, just to save little old me. I am truly blessed.


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