My Friends in the Woods

It is Thursday. The weather is dreary, filled with rain and clouds. The good find is the temperatures are above our normal weather here in January in Indiana.

I didn’t do a lot today, so stayed out of trouble. Instead, I dreamed. I dreamed I woke up in a lush, green forest. Many animals were sitting around me. Each was eager to share their days with me. There must have been about fifty different animals. Bunnies, hedge hogs, raccoons, snakes, birds of many colors, just to name a few.

I wasn’t looking like I normally do. I had long, blonde locks with full curls. When I looked down at myself, I didn’t have the gut I carry now. Instead I  had that perfect body. My skin was pale in color, but perfect.

Many beautiful and tall trees wrapped their branches around me. I had never felt more safe and secure as I did at this very moment, sitting in the thickest, softest and greenest grass I had ever seen in my life.

Attached to the barks were many blank canvases. All primed and below each one was a tray of pretty colors and so many brushes; why my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw the array.

The sky was bluer than blue. There were clouds of rainbow colors. Each cloud held the exact color in the paint trays. I definitely was living out my dream of opening my mind and running with it on canvas.

My friends scampered and upon return each gifted me with a sketching pencil, eraser, paint brushes, and a ruffled apron. I stood up and tears rolled down my eyes. Mr. Bunny asked me why I was crying.

I told him, “No one ever seemed to care about my dreams. Now, here, I have many friends who care”. Mr. Bunny wiped a tear away from his cheek with his soft, fuzzy pad. The others came and rested their arms around me. They each showed me that all my thoughts I had been carrying with me were all wrong.

They led me to the biggest canvas and pointed for me to go up to it. I looked at each one and patted heads and shook hands. I nervously walked until I was eye to eye with the white board.

I turned around and all were smiling and nodding. ” Do it my friend. You have it in you. You have always had it in you; you just never recognized it”.

I thought for a moment and then brush in hand, I slowly dipped it into a pastel color. My mind raced. It tore open the steel wires that had been binding for decades. Wild creatures flew out of the mind and snow-white doves replaced.

My heart began to beat calmer. My breathing decreased. My eyes brightened. I felt warmness surround me and I let the hand of God rest gently over mine as I laid the first color on the white canvas.






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