Daily Prompt, One Word Prompt



The word for today is UNEVEN.

Uneven, a path many of us take in life day to day. One day we are pumped, the next we are in a slump.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have each day full of rose petal paths? Life doesn’t work that way though, as we all know.

Part of growing up is acceptance. My friend, Al Forbes and I were just speaking about this topic this morning.

Acceptance for me has not come easy. It only takes a few words of negativity to cement in the mind forever.

It just takes watching a few commercials on television to cause doubt in our mind.

Now that I am older and have gone through joy and sorrow, I have no choice but to look at myself and learn to accept this is who I am.

I am not fit and tone. I am not an avid exerciser. I do love to think and paint and take photos. These are more mental exercise than physical. I don’t like getting out and running to nowhere. I don’t like showing my body off in some gym where I am more self-aware that I am heavier than others.

I am not the life of the party and do not  get invited to parties. It’s alright though, I don’t do well in crowds and can panic. I love one on one circles. I don’t have a ton of friends, but I do  have friends that have been there for years and years.

I am sort of quiet, but I like that. I am a huge people watcher. I get a kick out of seeing how others dress and act when out in public.

So, maybe my uneven is becoming more even. When we learn to accept that we are who we are, the path becomes more smooth.


What is a Day?

I wake up feeling the best in the mornings. I try to give thanks for one more chance to make a change in others lives. At my age, although I am not ancient yet, I realize it is a gift to wake up.

I don’t work because of my gait problems, so I don’t have the normal thoughts as most others. Going to work, dropping the kids off , what’s for supper. Instead, I kind of drift through the day.

I let my mind expand and try to travel different avenues, seeing if there is something I can do. Helping others is something that gives me personal peace. Last night, I painted. I didn’t and usually don’t know what I am going to paint.

It seems as though when I plan ahead what I may paint, I fail. It is much better for me to just pick up the brush and let the mind go. Here is what I painted last night.

Today, I have hope. Not knowing what door will open, but watching for it. Have a good day my friends.


Daily Prompt, One Word Prompt



The word for today is, Crossing


Standing on the side of the road. Looking across the way. A yellow divided line told me I could stay where I was or I could venture on to the other side.

What is on the other side? Will my footprints be there? Or will it be baron where I have never walked before.

It is much more comfortable to remain where I am. I have looked this way before. I know the outlines of the trees. I see the familiar branches swaying down towards the ground; almost as inviting me to step out in faith.

I see the sun rays sparkling through the thick leaves, bouncing as if tiny stars are smiling at me. The familiar sounds of the Woodpeckers, Cardinals and Blue Jays capture my attention. I smile as I stand quietly listening to their songs lure me into another world.

Is that world across the yellow, divided line? Should I dare? Am I really that content where I am? Haven’t I been hearing myself complain that I need something new in my life?

Then what am I afraid of. I seek the sky. I look for God’s eyes. I see nothing, but I can feel him embellish me with hope and strength. Today, yes today Lord, I am listening. I will take a step in faith. I will step out of my comfort zone. I will place one foot in front of the other.

I will look back and see the new prints I am making. I will be crossing the line today. Hold my hand Lord, for I trust you more today than yesterday.

The Beginning of What God Has in Store

Well my friends, it’s back to our routines. Most went to work today. The mail and the banks are once again open. Some kids went back to school.

I came back home to the quietness. It’s alright, at least for today. Sometimes here, silence is truly golden versus what I could be dealing with.

Today, I puttered around. I had loaded my car yesterday at my sons and unloaded it when I got home, so once again, I am babying my lower back. Two weeks ago, I leaned back on my bed to stretch and I must have stayed too long because for the first time I had back pain.

The lower part is swollen. It goes down with aspercreme and Ibuprofin, but if I do too much lifting, it sets it up again and I have to be careful.

I cleaned a little. I went over the holidays and enjoyed remembering Christmas with my children. I can still hear the giggles and see the sparkle in my grandchildren’s eyes as Christmas Day arrived.

I smile as I remember and I keep these memories close to my heart. I also, moved my painting supplies and easel to another room where the light is much better. I made a pot of home made potato soup tonight. I added my rivals and pieces of ham to it.

I have decided to step out and posting my paintings for sale. I am not a professional, so they are very reasonable. If none sell, then I know I am not to be selling them, as I am not that good. So, time shall tell. I will continue to paint, because number one, I enjoy it, it takes my mind off my issues, and I need to keep learning new techniques.

It is pretty chilly here tonight. I am surprised that it is pouring cats and dogs outside. I figured it would be snow. I am not complaining, I never was a snow person.

Here is a photo I took of my soup and a painting I am selling.



The New Year

The old year is gone and pretty much forgotten. Television ads running mad across the screen to prompt you to look at yourself closely. They convince you something is wrong with yourself. Too tall, too thick, too old looking. On and on they go, doing whatever they can to get some of that money of yours.

I was always a chubby girl starting school. I am not sure why I turned the scales upside down, but I do have my suspicions. When I was in the seventh grade, my mother introduced me to Weight Watchers.

There, I learned, that I should be if not, ashamed of what I looked like. You know friends? That episode when I was 12 years old never left. I have looked at myself in the mirror many times throughout the years. I have been on every diet I could afford. I am still chubby.

This year, my goal is about me. Very simple words too. Accept myself. Now you say it out loud. Can you do it? Is it difficult to get the words out. Not very many of us truly accept ourselves, but I am going to try my hardest to understand that I was not created to be a Barbie Doll.

I am chubby but I do have a pretty smile. I try to find the positive instead of weighing in on the negative. I get hurt, but who doesn’t? I have kicked myself for not looking like the lady down the street.

No more, I can’t take it. I have to accept that I am me. I have great things to offer, and lastly, I can never be perfect. That usually happens only in Hollywood.