A Lesson To Learn

You and I are guilty
Of living each day as old
We take our breath for granted
There’s nothing we really hold.

Then there comes a time, too often
When we’re thrown from trodden paths
Our air becomes stale and nasty
It’s as if it becomes our last.

We need to take on new habits
We need to be aware
Please let all those around you
Know how much you care.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

The Inner Child

She hunches in the corner.
Her knees are small and weak.
Her eyes are liquid glass.
She’s so tiny and so meak.

She hears the piercing words
Of how she’s ner’ been loved.
She puts her thumb in mouth
It fits just like a glove.

She waits until it’s quiet
Then races to her room.
She hides beneath her covers
Like yarn spindled on a loom .

What did I do to mommy
To make her feel this way?
I should have been much better
I should have put my toys away .

Now mommy’s in there crying
She don’t like me anymore.
I’ll get my clothes together
And leave forever more.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Some days just aren’t made for trying.

The Good That Came From Multiple System Atrophy

These past two months have brought into my life pain, disappointment,  anger, loss, hurt, confusion and insecurity.


In normal days, I would hide and cry and throw a pity party.


One thing inparticular, that my brother’s illness gave to me was; a closer walk with God.


Today, I am facing personal issues and lack of a feeling of stability but; I did turn to friends and most importantly I turned to God.


I am praying for my situation.  I am praying for those close to me and I am praying for those with medical problems.


God will guide me to solid ground. He will answer all my prayer requests. My job is to be patient and be ready to do as he tells me to do.


God is good.  I learned this through living a life of taking care of my brother who passed away from a terrible,  incurable disease, MSA.


I always said while watching my brother die, Terry, find something,  even something small, that is good about today. It worked and is still working.



Women Everywhere

Don’t look at life as set
Always think a little of you
Set back a buck or two
Then enjoy all that you do.

You can be the perfect wife
A happen, with it mom
Then one day without you knowing
Life throws a target bomb.

So just for your protection
Have an alternative plan in mind
You just never know what life brings
It sometimes can be unkind.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

Where Are You

Where Are You?

I have carried you
On my ring💍 finger
For so many years.
You have brought me comfort
In my days following your death.
I can’t play cards with you
I can’t take care of you
I can’t wipe your tears😢
Because God took over my job.
And now for the very first time
You have slipped away from me
And left only my memories.
Come back to me
Hear my weeping through space
Find your way back
Onto my finger.
Bring me peace once again
Until I see you in heaven.
Love you daddy.
I realize your ring
Is material
Resting on my finger
But I feel I am missing
You being near me.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd

A Lesson Learned

Beth was sitting on the dock
She was watching the sails sway
She dipped her toes in coolness
It was such a lazy day.

Beth worked on over time
Very few moments to herself
She thought she had all possesions
But it really hacked her health.

She asked and took vacation
She thought and changed her ways
She decided to work less often
And enjoy the sunny days.

Her health came back to life
A smile is on her face
She was lucky to learn the lesson
Before she was taken from our human race.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd


A Better Outlook

When life feels upside down
And you only carry a frown
Place your amour of hope
As your main outer coat
Hold your head up high
Look towards that sky
I promise you and me
This too shall flee
And once again
We will smile and grin.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd