The Good That Came From Multiple System Atrophy

These past two months have brought into my life pain, disappointment,  anger, loss, hurt, confusion and insecurity.


In normal days, I would hide and cry and throw a pity party.


One thing inparticular, that my brother’s illness gave to me was; a closer walk with God.


Today, I am facing personal issues and lack of a feeling of stability but; I did turn to friends and most importantly I turned to God.


I am praying for my situation.  I am praying for those close to me and I am praying for those with medical problems.


God will guide me to solid ground. He will answer all my prayer requests. My job is to be patient and be ready to do as he tells me to do.


God is good.  I learned this through living a life of taking care of my brother who passed away from a terrible,  incurable disease, MSA.


I always said while watching my brother die, Terry, find something,  even something small, that is good about today. It worked and is still working.



6 thoughts on “The Good That Came From Multiple System Atrophy

  1. So sorry to hear that your situation seems to have become more desperate. I know that the pressures of life’s challenges refine us, but I also know hard it is to take care of ourselves when we’re feeling oppressed. Did you check with your doctor about some anti depression medicines? I hope you have. It’s really hard to do good problem solving when your fighting through a fog of depression. Huggerz.

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  2. I so admire the way you keep putting your heart and mind out there and being brave enough to admit your sadness. I have gone a bit quiet lately but will be back soon – just re-finding my bearings. Thanks Terry x

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    • Life is rough right now. Forced out of my home. Staying with family. Think I have a new place. No money for a couch or chair, pots and pans. I just wish I could go back in time when Al was here. Life was rough with his illness, but better in many ways

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