The Time is Near

It is the third month
The days are creeping up
Closer the calendar moves
I remember like it was yesterday
Your smile, your tears, your silence.
Brother dear, I know you left me a penny
I found it on the floor
You probably see that I am wearing your IU jacket too
It is one way I can feel close to you.
I miss you baby brother
There will never be another
With big blue eyes
The color of skies
A grin so wide
No where to hide
I saw the questions you had
When you felt so bad
I couldn’t keep it away
MSA took you that day
March 24, 2014
It was a disease so mean
No matter what I try
I still cry
I miss you brother
There will be no other.
Written by your sister for you my dear brother,
Terry Sheperd
In memory of a warrior of Multiple System Atrophy

With God; All Things Are Possible

Who said people can’t get it on?
I told Parkinson’s to leave me alone
So I could put my new place in place
God shoved it aside, til all the boxes were gone.

All things are possible with God; you know
I may not rid my body of Parkinson’s
But he did make it possible for me,
And let me run with this show.

My legs are still freezing in place
And I have spoken to God about this
I hoped it was temporary
But I will accept this with grace.

I am stating all of this because it is true
Diseases can catch us, even hold us,
And bring down our hope
But with God’s help; he’ll carry us through.

Written by,
Terry Shepherd