The Red Bird

She lived alone. Sometimes her phone rang. Sometimes her doorbell rang. She was growing old. She wasn’t afraid. She was going to leave behind beautiful children. She had helped so many throughout her years.
She read her Bible every day. She prayed for others. Today was no different. She read her chapter. It was about miracles. She believed in God so much; she knew nothing was impossible.
She placed her bookmark on the page and softly closed the cover. She looked out the window and saw the most beautiful red bird she had ever seen. It was looking at her. It was as if the bird was singing to her ears.
A tear slid down her face as she thanked God for the beauty in her life. It may not seem such a big deal to most; but to her, every tiny, beautiful thing was a gift from God.
Yes, she was a lucky woman. Living was a gift. Tragedy was a challenge, a sure way to make a person stronger in their faith. She stood up and slowly walked to the window. She pecked at the pane, and the red bird seemed to recognize her call.
It flew over to the window. It spread its wings and flew in still form. it sang a most beautiful tune. None that she recognized, but peaceful; it was.
As it flew away, she turned and walked to her kitchen. Getting one bowl, one spoon, a can of soup, and the can opener; she proceeded to fix her lunch. She smiled.